There must be more than “getting by”

Allow me to say a few things. Actually, this is my blog, and my computer, so I can say whatever I want. Ha! I forgot. I want to believe there is more than “getting by”. I want to believe it is possible to live life to make our dreams come true. Listen, I am very,Read more


What do I know about poverty?

It all begun with this question. “What do you know about poverty, Mary?” You know how people in business sites and self-help sites (which should be one and the same) are always telling you that “people will be attracted to your flaws”? Yeah, I don’t believe it either. I mean, here I am exposing myRead more

You are not what you own

I was listening to Tad Hargrave, from “Marketing for Hippies”, describing the most sleazy marketing techniques he has come across… And I wondered… All these people’s desperation to make money no matter what… It must be borne out of fear. It has to be. What are they so afraid of? That they will make lessRead more