I am single and I’m in pain

This is one of those rare posts where I show you “live” how I work with my stuff. It’s full of seriously cool and useful concepts. At least 5 things that are Important to Know. First the back story I was in a Facebook conversation on the topic of “Single”. When suddenly I felt *anger*.Read more


Reviewing the Experience – The Yoga Festival

Last week I worked with my stuff right here on the blog to prepare myself for this yoga festival I was going to over the weekend. Today, I’m reviewing the experience. Because processing what we go through is useful. Sometimes you go on an adventure not knowing what the theme is going to be, andRead more

I'm hoping this takes me to a system of catacombs...

The Weekly Log: a ritual for looking at the week that was

I found Havi’s blog in September 2010. That’s when I first came across her practice of “looking at the week that was and taking stock”. Four years later, I am ready to start my own. Let’s pause for a minute to take in the enormity of this. After four years of wanting to start aRead more

daria copy

Why you should watch cartoons as a productivity strategy

While I was writing the “Working with your Stuff” e-book, I watched (almost) the whole of “Hey Arnold!”. (In fact, I am watching it right now) While writing + launching my e-book “How to be OK with Yourself”, I watched the whole of “Daria”. Several times. Then I got Daria to help me write theRead more

suck copy

What to do when you’re panicking about all the “suck”

The other day I was in a serious suck How serious? Tears; “I hate the world”; “I hate myself”; “I hate my life”; “nothing good has ever happened and nothing good will ever happen”. THAT kind of “suck”. I worked with it. And helped myself “out”. Here’s what I did. Music. Obvious? Yes? Cheesy? Absolutely.Read more