On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 2

Purely Political Theory I don’t like “intersectionality” as a political concept. Wait. Let me start by saying I’m a political theory junkie. Yes, I am… I admit it. “My name is Mary Tracy and I’m Political Theory Addict”. (Actually, I’m addicted to learning, and politics is particularly fun, but I’m digressing) And political theory junkieRead more

On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 1

Everyone is writing about “intersectionality” and “privilege” lately. And I have stuff to say. Actually, I have too much stuff to say, so I’m splitting this up into: Separating between the “personal” and “political”. An overview, and why “intersectionality” and “privilege” kinda suck. That’s Part 1. Purely political theory: why intersectionality is not all thatRead more

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Primer on “Sovereignty”

So. We were at our feminist book club meeting. And a couple of students got talking about lecturers. And how some were seriously wrong. And male. They were male and they were sexist and they were simply wrong because they were sexist and sexism is wrong. Got it? Wrong. Because sexism. Good. Now, the issueRead more

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Famous Feminist Downfall

It’s happened again. It happens with predictable regularity. Famous Feminist says something somebody finds offensive. More and more people find out about this thing that has offended somebody. Eventually the whole thing snowballs to the point that everyone seems to hate the Famous Feminist as if she were Patriarchy and the Tory party personified. OrRead more

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Processing the Moran Story

Note: I briefly mention sexual trauma, and I focus on the feelings that the topic might bring. Check in with yourself before reading. Background: In this post, I’m trying to provide a space for us to work with the feelings that Caitlin Moran’s latest story might bring up for us. You can read more aboutRead more