Bad Luck

Bad Luck

There I was. Watching the Hunger Games, and marvelling at Peeta’s devotion for Katniss. (He is so cute!) I mean, he adores her. He shows nothing but devotion towards her. Pure, crystal clear love. Then this feeling showed up: “Man, I’ve had some real bad luck”. I believe strongly in giving ourselves permission to feelRead more

‘Ice to Water, Water to Steam’
It's a technique for releasing pain, courtesy of Jamie Catto

Permission to Hurt

Note: I am going through a rough time right now, for reasons I don’t want to share because they will totally expose me as the complete loser I really am. So… I’m giving myself permission to hurt. It’s the one thing helping me keep it together. Hope it helps you as well. You have permissionRead more

Wishing you new

New Year Ritual – Forgiveness and Wishing

Well… New Year’s Eve is definitely upon us. Just a few more hours… I have so much stuff around New Year’s Eve. I really struggle. So I did what I do best: I wrote and processed it. And it helped. These are the “pearls” of what came out. I wanted to find my own “EndRead more