You were given this story

You Were Given This Story Because You Are Strong Enough To Hold It

There’s a truism that goes like this: “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle”. It sounds better in English than in Spanish, where we say “God strangles but doesn’t hang”. (I know, right? Hideous. Told you it was better in English.) As with most truisms, I’m left wondering whether it’s true or whetherRead more


Tiny Miracle

Exactly one week ago today, a “Tiny Miracle” took place. It got me thinking about miracles… I’ve always wanted miracles in my life. Always, always. Ever since I was small. I don’t know why. I suppose I wanted the Universe to show up and give me proof that it was on my side. That IRead more

This is the image Rachael made of my article. Isn't it awesome?

Making Your Own Rules

I’ve written a guest post for Awesomepreneur, for their “Harvest of Heartwork” series. I feel so grateful, I cannot write any coherent words. It took me a week to write, and it has my heart in it. I explore this idea of “making your own rules”, so that life actually works for us. What doesRead more