Mental Health Diagnosis

Mental Health Diagnosis? Hardly

Someone told me their mental health diagnosis. Except I didn’t hear it at such. And my response was “Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry”. Though I may not have said those actual words. I did say it energetically: that was my feeling. See, when someone tells me their mental health “diagnosis” I don’t see itRead more

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What is “emotionally true” may not be “mentally true”

I had this realisation the other day… Fancy that! I believe I can explain this better by sharing with you an excerpt from a conversation Imo (my imaginary friend) and I had some time ago… Imo, please take the floor. Imo: I believe the conversation went like this… You were telling me about how it’sRead more


“Light Gets In” – Living well with mental illness, by Esme Wang

This is my review of Esme’s book “Light Gets In”. It’s about living with mental illness… But really? It’s about life. A cosy room. Light streams in, dimmed by a storm outside… Reading Esme’s book feels like sitting next to her in that room, cup of tea held in both hands, comfortably in silence. BeingRead more

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Working with Complaining

Gather round, kids, today I want to talk about “complaining”. Oh yes, this is a big one. First: Complaining is a sign of unacknowledged pain You are essentially trying to justify to yourself that yeah, this thing you don’t like is actually kinda crappy. You don’t just say “This thing is crappy and I’m inRead more

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The Fastest Way out of a Depression “Crisis”

I’ve been unproductive for almost 2 weeks now. But I have not been “depressed”. I have felt “blue”… I have spent countless hours watching the entire series of “Hey Arnold!”… I have found it difficult to concentrate… I have been procrastinating on important stuff like there’s no tomorrow… I’ve been unable to force myself toRead more