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What to do when you’re panicking about all the “suck”

The other day I was in a serious suck How serious? Tears; “I hate the world”; “I hate myself”; “I hate my life”; “nothing good has ever happened and nothing good will ever happen”. THAT kind of “suck”. I worked with it. And helped myself “out”. Here’s what I did. Music. Obvious? Yes? Cheesy? Absolutely.Read more

"All Ways Are My Ways"

The Inner World of a Meltdown

Here’s the thing. A part of me doesn’t want me to post this, because she thinks it’s completely useless. Another part of me thinks it can help someone, and “you never know”. So I’m letting *you* decide. Feel free to let me know if it does help you.   The Story: How I Ended UpRead more

Dooming looks like this. Inspired by the Tasmanian Devil

Dooming and Un-dooming

I have a special knack for “dooming” You know “dooming”, right? It’s when you go: “OMG! This is it, this is the end of everything! Now I’ve done it, I’ve ruined everything and I’ll be forever a failure and a loser! DOOM! DOOM!!!” Yep. Dooming. “But that’s terrible”, I hear you say. Well… Perhaps it’sRead more

Because Life is Still Hard

If you’re anything like me you may have… shall we say… “reluctance” to trust those people who preach about hippie, whacky “positive” woo woo stuff. Did I say reluctance? I meant thinking: “easy for THEM to believe in positive thinking! I would believe in it too if I had their life! Their house, their income,Read more

The “Other World”… and the Anchors

Me. Crying. Sobbing, really. In a church. Because that is probably the last public space where one can sob without the risk of public shame. And because I was tired, and cold… and I wanted to sit down somewhere warm and have a cup of coffee, but I couldn’t afford it because I was inRead more