You are not what you own

I was listening to Tad Hargrave, from “Marketing for Hippies”, describing the most sleazy marketing techniques he has come across… And I wondered… All these people’s desperation to make money no matter what… It must be borne out of fear. It has to be. What are they so afraid of? That they will make lessRead more


Marketing Hype: Debunking Life-Coaching Lies

Lies hurt. Lies lead to actual pain This is important. And the sooner we all learn this lesson the better, because the world cannot take much more lying. Lies are dangerous because even if you know they are lies, your ego mind isn’t so smart. Especially if you don’t have a healthy mechanism for “aligningRead more

On Marketing and Writing

Are we doing this? Are we really talking about business? I guess we are. Hi! I was chatting to Imo (my Imaginary friend) about my business when he asked me: “Where would you invest if you had *all the money*?” My reply: “I would hire someone to do the marketing for me. It gets inRead more