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#YesAllWomen, Own Your Anger

I wasn’t going to publish this post, but Imo (my imaginary monster friend) said I should. So here it is. My take on the “#YesAllWomen” phenomenon. As some of you know, I was a “Feminist Writer” for many, many years. Eventually, I gave up Feminism due to reasons. Too much neurosis, too much pain. AndRead more


Letting Go of the Dream

Caveats: This is probably the scariest and most vulnerable thing I’ve ever published. This post is about me saying goodbye to Feminism and a dream I had for years. And it’s about… “failing”. I go on a bit about me, my past, my story and what I dream of for the future. This piece isRead more

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Primer on “Sovereignty”

So. We were at our feminist book club meeting. And a couple of students got talking about lecturers. And how some were seriously wrong. And male. They were male and they were sexist and they were simply wrong because they were sexist and sexism is wrong. Got it? Wrong. Because sexism. Good. Now, the issueRead more

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Online Workshop! Working with our Stuff – Objectification Edition

  Gather round, everyone! Widdershins presents… Its First Online Class on the subject of “Objectification, how it affects us personally and what we can do about it” Awesome! I’m really excited and I’m proud to say I’m not completely paralysed with fear. Which is sure proof that this stuff works! So. “What is this OnlineRead more

Giving Legitimacy to our Feelings

One of the reasons why we end up in this fabulous world of Feminism is because… we need strength in our beliefs. We don’t like something “in the mainstream”. We “feel” it’s wrong, or at least “wrong for us”. And so we learn to reject it on sound political and rational grounds. What we areRead more