Mental Health Diagnosis

Mental Health Diagnosis? Hardly

Someone told me their mental health diagnosis. Except I didn’t hear it at such. And my response was “Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry”. Though I may not have said those actual words. I did say it energetically: that was my feeling. See, when someone tells me their mental health “diagnosis” I don’t see itRead more

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How Do You Know When You’re Ready?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of “being ready”. How do you know when you’re ready to get up in the morning? Or when you’re done with your shower? In yoga, how do we know when we are ready to leave one pose to get into a new one? Sometimes it happens “automatically”. YouRead more

Invoking the quality of Healing for this post, for ourselves and the world. Because we could all use some of it.

Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet

Weird things begin to happen when we start doing yoga We become… “allergic” towards things that aren’t good for us anyway. Things like: * overly processed food * too much sugar * too much fat * nasty chemicals * violent movies * shopping malls * too much sound * too much light * too muchRead more

Shorter version of this post: Ignore everyone and just follow your heart.

The Fear of Being Single

Why yes, we are talking about being single. Yet again. It all begun when I run into this article by Sara Eckel. Apparently, the “fear of being single” makes us choose bad partners. Then I was reading Martha Beck’s “Steering by Starlight” and she got to this concept that “you attract people when you areRead more

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Weekly Log #18: Tiny Miracle

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. There wasn’t much “brightness” this week. Ie: There weren’t that many “joyful / productive moments”. But I was here all the same. And I am here now. Because life. Let’s log. More struggling to write or do things. Also, why is it so hard toRead more