My heart. MY HEART!!!

Weird Things About Me

Let’s start the year with a BANG! Or rather a… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! :D

It began with a pushing voice at the back of my mind, after reading Therese’s post on “embarrassing confessions”.

“Do you believe in making the world a less lonely place, a more connected place, a more REAL place? Do you, Mary? DO YOU???”


Well, yes…

Much like I believe in all sorts of things, so long as I don’t have to do anything actually difficult.

Like… make myself vulnerable by revealing some of my flaws to the world…
I’d much rather show a perfect life.
Granted, that means I have to “hide away” most of my life, which is far from perfect.
But hey! What I do show to others, is all “Instagrammed”, with the appropriate filters and the cute writing in white font.
And that’s what makes it “fabulous”, like those other fabulous people who have no problems and go to Oprah, and…

REALISATION: OMG, I am totally contributing to this world of “isolation” by clinging to the lie that my life is totes perfect!!!

OK. In my defense, I have been working hard with this whole “fear of vulnerability” thing. OK?

I have “opened up” and revealed that things are hard.
And I don’t have to reveal just how hard they are. ‘Cuz I don’t want to. And I’m not ready.

OK. So… Let’s “try” this.

Things that are kinda sorta maybe a bit embarrassing about me and which may be completely irrelevant or unimportant

*takes deep breath*

  • Back in high school, while the girls in my class fawned over the Backstreet Boys, I listened to “Jem & the Holograms”. From “Jem”. For real. I would use a tape recorder to grab the music straight from the telly. The quality sucked, but hey. I loved it. Still do. Jem girl forever.
  • I’m also a ridiculous fan of a whole lotsa cartoons. In no particular order: “Sailor Moon”, “Jem” (of course), “Daria”, “Biker Mice from Mars”, “Hey Arnold!”, He-man.
    I’m serious. This stuff sits so close to my heart it’s practically sitting on it. Other kids had friends, I had cartoon characters :D
  • “Thunderbirds”. I don’t even have words. Like, my heart. I have to take the series in small doses because I can power a small town with the amount of energy I give out when I’m watching them. (Imo is in Hell when I’m in full fangirl mode).

My heart. MY HEART!!!

  • My most loved music? Musicals. For real.
    Most favourite musicals: The Sound of Music, Beauty & the Beast, Wicked.
  • I used to be a big fan of Barbie. And I turned out a radical feminist. So… clearly one does not lead to the other.
    (that said, I do have… “stuff” over the fact that I’m not pretty and blond. So yeah, let’s challenge the beauty standards, alright!)
  • I hardly ever read fiction. And when I do, it’s fantasy books for children. Yup! Last one: Terry Pratchett’s “I Shall Wear Midnight” (AND WE SHALL NOT DISCUSS THE ENDING, ‘CUZ OMG I AM STILL PISSED OFF!!!).
    I don’t read fiction books for adults. Why? Well… let’s just say that the chances of encountering “stuff that’s going to send Mary’s extremely sensitive HSP-sensor out the roof” are high.
  • I almost never watch movies. Unless I’m trapped in a can, in the air, for 12 hours straight (ie: a plane trip), or they are for children. By the way, Monsters University was really cute :D
  • Remember the Olympics Grand Opening last year? When super fast planes crossed the British sky? I was having a nap, and woke suddenly to this HUGE SOUND above my head. My first thought was: “OMG! THUNDERBIRDS!!!”. Then went to the window and alas! It wasn’t them. *sad face*

Well… this wasn’t so hard

And I got to talk about my favourite stuff on my blog. Which, really, should be a regular occurrence because *my blog*.

I wanna thank Therese because it was her own collection of “embarrassing confessions” that inspired me to open up, even the tiniest bit, about my own weirdness.

I’m not ready yet to talk about “the embarrassing and painful”, as Therese calls it.

Maybe next time!

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