Sales Page: Wales Calendar 2015

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This calendar has a natural, gentle, warm feel. It was created to inspire people to discover Wales and find beauty in everyday life.

Every photo was taken on the month of the calendar, to reflect the feel of each season and the changes through the year.
Revealing life in Wales in an authentic, intimate way, the calendar inspires people to find beauty in every day life.
It’s a labour of love that has taken years, to find the perfect photo to tell the story of each month.

Dates like “be kind to yourself day” and “make things that make you happy day” remind people to be creative, positive and see the beauty in ordinary moments.
While dates such as “lost sock memorial day” and “talk like a pirate day” bring a touch of humour and light-heartedness to everyday life.

The calendar is printed on recycled paper, which gives it a soft, warm, natural feel.

Each day has space to add information. And at the end of the calendar there are 2 further pages for notes.

The captions underneath the photos describe the places where they were taken, and will inspire people to discover Wales and see it in a different light.