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Weekly Log #66: Asking for Help & Unexpected Internal Resources

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

Another week lived, so another log must be logged.
I have no idea what I did this week, but I’m about to find out.

  • I lost my phone! Or should I say “my phone left me for a few days!”. I arrived to find myself sans phone, so I did what I always do when something like this happen: call Super Friend (who has secret Super Powers). She kept calling until someone answered: the bus driver. Turns out I left the phone in the bus. W00t?!? How did this happen? First, I never take the bus, this was a special occasion, as I had to go to hospital to see a specialist over my jaw/teeth. And then… I never leave my phone anywhere. This makes no sense, but it happened. At any rate, my phone is back with me, and I am very grateful about that.
  • Home alone for Halloween! (True thing, not the movie). Very, very sad. All my friends were away, all of them! I secretly love Halloween, and wish I could celebrate it properly, but for one reason or another, that’s never the case. Daydreaming with going to Mexico and celebrate “Día de Muertos” the way God intended!
  • My relationship with my writing continues to be complicated. Writing comes out, a little bit, but never in publishable format. A breath for the unique hardness that is struggling with one’s mission.
  • Sorted out electricity bills! Paid rent! Survived dentist appointment! I now award myself a chinchillion sparklepoints
  • I need to find an alternative living arrangement, as my landlord informed me the place I currently live in won’t be available anymore. On the one hand, this is triggering all my stuff around homelessness, poverty, lack of choices, etc. On the other hand, this is “pure possibility”. I’m staying present with both.
  • I processed the story behind “losing my phone”, and I think I might have gained some insights, on the themes of “Asking for Help” and “I have more internal resources than I think”.

Moments of Insight

Tiny moment of insight that looked like this: “Oh, wait, I don’t need you to be like me, because I am like me already! This is such a relief”.

Ask for a Miracle

I am asking for a miracle here.

Four years ago, and not-that-long after I was homeless, I used to pass this homeless guy almost every day. Sometimes I would give him money, and wish him good things.
I hadn’t seen him since, and so I hoped he had found a path to better things.
Then I saw him yesterday at the shop. He didn’t seem to be in a better state… if anything, the opposite might have been true.

So I am asking for a miracle for him. Right here, right now.
May [God] show up for him in the best way possible.
Tiny Amen.
May it be so.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

  • Singles Bingo! This one is worth a laugh. And so is this article: Platitudes guaranteed to piss off a single girl. Sometimes the best way to deal with single-ness is to laugh.
  • This “Insights at the Edge” podcast with Susan Piver is pretty great. She talks about depression and why “corporate mindfulness” isn’t effective.
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    Cheese Louise, how long did this log take to be logged??? (looks at time… on a Tuesday…)
    Anyway, we are here, we brought presence to the week, we remembered things and we asked for a miracle.
    Another log logged.

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