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Weekly Log #45: Healing London, a Wicked Birthday

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

I am logging one full week after I was supposed to log… Which means that I essentially missed a week. OH WELL, I say. I was in London last weekend, and I’m also in the middle of an Identity Crisis of sorts which has me questioning whether I want to bother being a writer anymore. So. It’s practically a miracle I am logging at all.
Let’s do it.

  • London for my birthday. This was the biggest thing this year. I left the city where I live, and went someplace else. That in itself is amazing, and I wish I could do it all the time.
  • A lot of healing took place in London, which is not to say that it was “fun” and “easy”, ‘cuz it wasn’t. I realised that London essentially triggers all my Second Chakra “stuff”: my stuff with money and my stuff with men. I basically go to London to do some serious Second Chakra work. And work got done and stuff got healed, and by the end I could sense things had shifted. This is big, since I have all of the stuff in the Second Chakra, and all concentrated in London.
  • Working is stressful, but it is happening and it is bringing in money, so a breath for that.
  • Kind people being kind. Generous people being generous. I can’t believe how kind and generous people are towards me, which immediately launches me into a spiral of guilt and “but why!!! I am neither kind nor generous myself!!!”. Working with the “why do people love me again?” stuff. And practicing gratitude. I am getting better at this.
  • I had a dream of sorts involving London, as it was inevitable, and said dream did not come true. I am dealing much better with it than I did last year, so go me for that.
  • “Wicked” was absolutely amazing, and yes, I did cry a lot. So grateful for this experience.
  • Super Friend being super and awesome. Pancakes for Birthday Brunch, pasta at a fancy restaurant in Leicester Square, British Museum and seeing the Rosetta Stone up close, so many excellent hilarious conversations. Things are rather wonderful at times.
  • Playing with clothes and playing with identity. Dressing to become the woman I want to be. This is unexpectedly challenging. Especially the high heels.
  • Music and more music. Piano and more piano. Yay for getting something I asked for, and yay for noticing that this was something I wanted.

Moments of Insight

This 2 weeks were sorely lacking in Moments of Insight (or so it would seem), so I’ll record the one thing Imo said to me when I was in London, telling him that I didn’t really want to go on the London Eye (approx. price: £20). He just blurted out “Mary! Stop trashing things just because you can’t afford them!”.
I made a face and remained quiet after that… He might have a point (or two)

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


I cannot believe this log happened, I had *so much* resistance due to Identity Crisis.
But I did it. So go me.

And go me for turning 32 with relatively no drama. A huge improvement on last year, when I had breakdown after breakdown.
Here’s a breath and a prayer for wonderful, brightful* things to come.

* yes, this is a word.

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