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Weekly Log #38: The Return of Sugar

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

The title for this log is not a proxy (though I wish it was). Sugar has returned indeed.
Let’s log.

  • After months of trying to quit sugar, I finally gave in and bought at packet of cane sugar. I also got muffins. And then Easter came and brought chocolate… Sugar has returned with a vengeance.
  • The Biggest Deadline yet was truly big indeed. Days and days of labouring, I completely underestimated how much work was needed. Lessons learned and a job well done.
  • Seeing all the friends! Literally! I was worried for a moment thinking I would spend Easter on my own, as there weren’t any plans, but plans showed up all by themselves. Yay for friends, yay for generosity.
  • Charles Eisenstein’s course continues to challenge things… That means it’s working.
  • Feelings of blueness and stagnation and feed-up-ness. Wanting things to change and not seeing enough change.
  • Worry, and more worry. Did I mention worry? Yes.
  • Sun! Finally!!! It’s been the longest winter of my life (quite possibly) and I am so, so happy the Sun is shining once again. Hello, Spring, I’ve been waiting for you!
  • Reading all the Garth Nix. I have needs and they can only be met with fantasy books.

Moments of Insight

“Part of the track is thinking one is off-track. The wrong path is part of the right path.”
Charles Eisenstein.

This is how I see it: the “right” path is bigger than the “wrong” path. It contains it. Much like love is bigger than fear. So we can go off-track, safe in the knowledge that nothing is wrong.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Another week of ups and downs.
Another log logged.
*sends blessings and Hugh Jackman-like godness* :D

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