My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

Argh. Life is hard, and I’ve been feeling bitter.

Let’s log.

  • Visited the Brecon Beacons. Got to touch snow, and spend a few moments in the hills. Love.
  • Last deadline. Challenging, because it was a deadline and then it turned out to be the last deadline.
  • Suggestions and good wishes. Grateful.
  • Devoured, yes, devoured “Clariel”, the latest book by Garth Nix on the “Old Kingdom” series. Enjoyed it immensely, as I did with all of them, though once again, I find myself wishing there was more love and less tragedy.
  • Start of Charles Eisenstein’s “The Space Between Stories” course! Exciting.
  • Meltdowns. Crying. Losing faith big time. Bitterness. All the loneliness.
  • Bills drama. Too many “f*cking things” and too much “do-not-want”.
  • Feeling super inspired to write, but then it fizzles out. A breath for patience.

Moments of Insight

This is it: the “witnessing” I crave. I want to be seen as a woman, period. That’s why it bugs me so much when people act as if being single for yonks is “no big deal”.

Well. Now at least I have a plan of action: witnessing myself.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


It’s been a challenging week, so once again I am praying for ease, love and grace.
May it be so.