My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

So many deadlines this week! Like, actual busy.

Let’s log.

  • Deadlines. Writing! My goodness, that was challenging. I still cannot believe it. I mean… deadlines! W00t! Very Carrie from “Sex and the City”.
  • One day of Spring weather, then back to rainy, cold Winter. Can it be Spring already, please?!
  • “Big Thing that Happened” appears to be resolved completely. I-have-no-idea.
  • I handled the “busy” pretty well, I thought. It seems all my hard work of “filling up” and learning how to “take care of myself before I need it” are paying off. The “You have no time!” monsters cause practically zero anxiety. Progress.
  • Audio call with Charles Eisenstein himself! I asked him a question and he answered! Yay, yay, yay!
  • Coffee with Super Friend at new and hipster place. Moment of brightness!
  • New Martha Beck book! And new Garth Nix book! All the yays for books.
  • Feeling sadness and blues. Wanting Big and Bright things, and not getting them, and feeling sad about that.

Moments of Insight

My stuff looks like this: it bothers me when people don’t display compassion towards my hard stuff.

I got so sick of working on this and not getting anywhere that I asked people. Stroke of genius.
Someone said to me that it might be because this “tough love” is familiar to me.

Yes, indeed. I grew up with “tough love”. Now I’m trying to learn healthier patterns.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Super late log of lateness be concluded with a prayer/wish: may I go from love to more love.
Deep breaths and thank you.