My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

There wasn’t much “brightness” this week. Ie: There weren’t that many “joyful / productive moments”.

But I was here all the same. And I am here now. Because life.

Let’s log.

  • More struggling to write or do things. Also, why is it so hard to stop measuring one’s life in terms of “hours worked” or “money made”? *sigh* A breath for release.
  • Sad days. No brightness. Cold weather. Grey skies. A breath for joy finding its way back.
  • That said, there were a couple of times this week when I was in “Intensely Vibrant Mode”. A breath for self-knowledge and learning things about myself.
  • Serious Pranayama Practice still going, though results are less intense. That said, I wrote a post with the insight I got on Tuesday. A breath for patience.
  • Progress on the “thing I’ve been trying to do for 3 months”. Yay.
  • Friends. Yay for friends.
  • I tried on a dress! I actually tried on a dress! I’m counting this. I am giving myself a lot of points.
  • Tiny Miracle on Saturday night. Gosh, I was so happy I couldn’t sleep. A breath for unexpected good things!

Moments of Insight

One moment of insight this week led to this post: Our Default is Peace.

The other insight came courtesy of the Tiny Miracle on Saturday.
I call it “Tiny Miracle” not because it was small to me (it wasn’t!), but because I struggle with the idea of “miracle”.

I’ve always wanted miracles in my life. And I can’t say I’ve had many…

But something happened on Saturday that I couldn’t have “made happen”.
I mean, I did set things up, sure. And I wanted it to happen.
But… from that to “actually happen and bigger than I was expecting”?

I have to conclude that I wasn’t the only one behind this, not entirely.
Correction: I want to think I wasn’t the only one behind this.

I want to begin to see life as a co-creation, co-partnering adventure with the Universe.
It’s that old spiritual concept of “release attachment to outcome”.
I want to do things and then… wait for the Universe to step in.

It seems to me that this is *always* what is going on, at all times.
But I want to begin to see it better.

I want to believe the Universe is wiser than me.

I want to focus on my end of the bargain, what I can actually *do*.
And then learn to accept what happens after that.

And trust that if it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

  • “How Depression Serves Us”. This is the post on depression I wish I had written. It is that good. Contains an overview of the different “levels” or “koshas” and the 5 elements. Just read it.


I am wishing…

More miracles. More expansion. More peace.

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