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Practices and techniques to make our lives slightly better

It can be hard to sit down and practice

I can teach and teach the techniques but ultimately “practice” is where it’s at.

That’s why I started the Facebook group “Wisdom Wonder Workers”.

I’ll post techniques and concepts as well as examples of how to apply them in your own life. 


  • What to do when we’re struggling
  • How to work with procrastination
  • Generic anxiety and overwhelm
  • Getting clear on goals and dreams
  • Self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of success

It’s the ideal container if you want to practice regularly and in a gentle, no-pressure kind of way.

Expect jokes, funny GIFs and uncensored “this is life” content!

If you want to take your self-work to the next level, join us in the Facebook group where we put into practice all the techniques to work with our “stuff”.

Join our Facebook Group

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