Bananas. Better as dessert, than as an emotional state.

Our Default is Peace

Bananas. Better as dessert, than as an emotional state.

Bananas. Better as dessert, than as an emotional state.

It takes less energy to be “happy”. To be at peace. To be whole.

We are hard wired for peace, you see.
If you get quiet enough, you find peace.

Our default is “happiness”, our default is “peace”, our default is “wholeness”.

Of course, we get thrown out of alignment because we live in a culture that is bananas, so we all end up half bananas at best.

And yes, a good part of our tendency towards going bananas is due to the fact that we are human. We lose it. We cling on to things, we want to have our way.
That’s part of the human experience: we will always lose our way, go out of alignment and go a bit bananas.

So it’s important to remember that our default is “peace”.
It’s always possible to come back to peace.

We are not broken or “flawed” or “wrong”. We are humans who have gone out of alignment, as humans do.
But our core, our basic nature is good. Our basic nature is love and peace.

And if you connect to that true nature regularly, then it’s easier to remember…
The more you come back to that peace, that truth, the easier it gets.

And that’s how you find alignment. You realise you have lost it, then you remember and whomph, you are aligned once again.
Of course, it’s messier than that, but that’s the basic story.

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