On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 5

The “Really Personal” (read: spiritual) As you may have read, the whole “privilege” meme kinda started from the publication of Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” (pdf link). In it she writes about her experience coming to terms with the realisation that, as a white woman, she has “advantages” that people of colour do notRead more

On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 2

Purely Political Theory I don’t like “intersectionality” as a political concept. Wait. Let me start by saying I’m a political theory junkie. Yes, I am… I admit it. “My name is Mary Tracy and I’m Political Theory Addict”. (Actually, I’m addicted to learning, and politics is particularly fun, but I’m digressing) And political theory junkieRead more

On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 1

Everyone is writing about “intersectionality” and “privilege” lately. And I have stuff to say. Actually, I have too much stuff to say, so I’m splitting this up into: Separating between the “personal” and “political”. An overview, and why “intersectionality” and “privilege” kinda suck. That’s Part 1. Purely political theory: why intersectionality is not all thatRead more

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The Personal and the Political

Widdershins is all about trying to do things differently from the way we are doing them now. And the Widdershins approach to politics, specifically, consists of separating between the “political stuff” and the “personal stuff”. And being very clear not to mix the two. I swear one day this approach will be a book. (IfRead more

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“Who You Gonna Call?”

So, here I was, publishing my workthrough on “Unemployment-ness” when Imo* asked me the question: “Perhaps it’s the “Unemployed” label … What would you choose to label yourself?” * That would be my imaginary friend I thought about it and replied: “Someone who is not yet capable of supporting herself but is trying to getRead more