About Me

Hello, Hi. I’m Mary Tracy. I’m a copywriter and mindfulness life coach. I focus on mental healing (that’s what I call mental health, though really it’s more like “emotional health”).

I studied Astrophysics at University, then discovered that Yoga made me less mad*, so I ditched science and embraced the woo woo… (Not entirely, but quite a lot) My dream is to one day stand on stage and give a TED talk titled “I studied Astrophysics and now I work at a coffee shop”.

(* by “less mad” I mean “shrunk my decades’ long depression and anxiety”)

This is me 3 copy
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My people are the misfits, the “failures”, the losers, the outcasts, with souls that crave art and meaning, and hearts that ache from witnessing the heartlessness of our modern landscape.

This is my Imaginary Monster Imo, he lives under my bed. I talk to him all the time.

One thing you may have noticed about us… ? We’re a bit eccentric. But we are seriously cool people.

Mindfulness life coach? Mental healing? W00t???

Yup. I help people work with their “stuff”. Their fears, their issues, their dramas. I wrote a book about it, you can get it here for free.

Mental healing is what I call

“the art of healing your mind and working with your mental health problems”

There’s more here.

I’ve just launched my first coaching offer. It’s called “Mini Online Coaching Magic Ride”. It’s all coaching, but done online.

My personal story (the very short version)

How have I learned the techniques for working with “stuff”? Well, to make a long story short: by going through Hell. And by getting myself out of it.

And when I say “Hell” I mean: decades long depression, abusive relationships, poverty, homelessness, social anxiety, unemployment. Yep.

That’s a whole lot of “suck”, yo!

Eventually I had to learn a new way to think about the world, the Universe and everything if I was to survive and get out of that…ehm… state of endless misery.

Part yoga philosophy, part Buddhist teachings, I learnt the basic tools for working with my “stuff”.

And before I knew it, I found myself on the “spiritual path” (which is far less impressive than it sounds, I assure you). It consists mostly of “liking yourself regardless of what you do or don’t do“.

And now my mission is to help other people who are suffering.

I am like the voice of wisdom or “Truth” when people have truly lost their way.

That brings us to today. Hi.

I hope to see you on the blog. You can subscribe to it here.

It’ll be more fun with you.


I’m wishing you the very best in your search for awesomeness and healing.

Mary Tracy