Healing depression and anxiety through mindfulness, yoga and self-compassion.

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Nature... One of the best ways to connect to Truth.

Bullshit, a partial definition

We are designed to align with Truth. To seek it, to connect to it, to remember it. That’s what most spiritual and religious practices are based on: rituals to remind us to keep connecting to Truth. Why? Because we forget… We forget about what is True. And so we become obsessed with things that aren’t […]

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Weekly Log #15: We’re All Mad Here

My weekly ritual for looking at my the week that was. Another late log. I am clearly in one of my “moods”, so I’m doing the best I can. This week contained a lot of “dealing with other people’s madness”. Not the “good” kind of madness, ie: the creative kookiness, but rather the madness that […]

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Weekly Log #14: Trying to Glow Love

My weekly ritual for looking at my the week that was. The title of this log is hilarious because, yes, I did try to glow love this week. Twice, in fact. But right now, I feel utterly hopeless and as far from glowing love as it is possible to be. I am sad. I am […]

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Weekly Log #13: The Flu of Doom

My weekly ritual for looking at my the week that was. Argh! I got the flu this week!!! It’s horrible. I haven’t been this ill in ages. *mopey face* My mental skills are somewhat… dampened, but I am here, and I am logging. Bring it on. The flu! So, so horrible!!! And it started off […]

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Using Lovers

My ex used to say that women want men the way they want fashion accessories. “They want men like they want a purse“. My ex was an arsehole. So there’s that. I’ve been noticing lately how and when I hanker for a man And the truth is… Not flattering. When I’m bored, and I crave […]