Healing depression and anxiety through mindfulness, yoga and self-compassion.

(Aka: self-help that keeps it real, for super smart and creative people.)


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Weekly Log #28: The Saddest Week

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. This week, there was sadness. And there was loneliness. Let’s log. I write a log and mention the lack of crying, and seriously, the next day, there it is: crying. A breath for releasing. Help doing the hardest thing: writing my CV. Grateful for friends […]

Weekly Log copy

Weekly Log #27: Expanding Gently

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. There was less crying this week. There was also: more clarity, gentle expansion and more writing. Boom. Let’s log. Considerably less crying this week. Also, considerably less misery. I sense progress! I asked for help. I actually asked a human being for help. In person […]

There is no point in “self-help” if it doesn't lead us to believe in a more beautiful world
We are all turned into believers in the presence of love

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