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  • Not all the Buddhas in the world will solve all our problems.

    The Woo Woo Doesn’t Always Work

    You heard it here first: the woo woo doesn’t always work, our prayers aren’t always answered. And that’s OK.

Weekly Log #44: All The Music

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

I appear to be in a good mood lately. I don’t know why this is the case, but I am happy it is so.
Let’s log.

  • The Musical Show I saw last Friday. OMG! So much music! So much talent, so much beauty. Seriously happy that this happened, and seriously grateful I witnessed it.
  • I touched a piano! Only one key, the “Mi”. It probably won’t make sense to anyone but me, but so be it. I touched a piano!.
  • Not much writing. Feeling purposeless and lost and it makes me sad.
  • Things are OK at the day job and that is surprising. It is good.
  • Got an early birthday present! Mr Darcy!!! What a coincidence…
  • Planning my Birthday in London. I am going to see Wicked, which I’ve been looking forward to since 2007! I am so happy and grateful that this is coming.
  • Being cocooned in beautiful music is the best.

Moments of Insight

This week’s Moment of Insight came to me courtesy of the Qualities practice I am doing on the Widdershins Facebook page (for my upcoming 32nd birthday: 32 days of qualities) and listening to Pema Chodron.

Here’s what happens when we try to change some aspect of our lives. We go in wanting, say, “Harmony”. We focus on bringing Harmony into our lives. Yet what ends up happening is that we notice all the ways our life is not “Harmonious”. Then we get discouraged because we think “this isn’t working!”. But it *is* working! Our capacity for noticing “wrong” is increased, because we are not in a place to change more of the “wrong”.
This is normal and part of the “change” process.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

  • This quote from Martha Beck:

    “I wish I could tell you that it’s possible to head back to some safe, sane, civilized world where everything will work out for you tidily and predictably. But I can’t. We happen to be on this planet now, and there’s no going back to a slower, more pedestrian, less magical way of being. The only way for a born mender to live peacefully and abundantly in our wild new world is to let go of old models of thinking, working, decision making, and relating to others. If that doesn’t work, the only option is to let go even more. Surrender to the way things want to happen next, even though this often involves a vast and terrifying loss of control. Trust the magic that was born into your soul”.


I started a rather lovely practice on the Widdershins Facebook page. As a way of celebrating the 32 days until I turn 32, I am bringing in spiritual qualities every day. Come take a look, they might “shift” something in you.

The last log before I turn 32. *deep breaths*
Here’s a wish and prayer for beautiful things. And plenty of Truth.

Weekly Log copy

Weekly Log #43: Peaceful Piano

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. I am still a little bit “lost”. I appear to have “foggy mind”. I hope logging helps. Published important post that went ignored. Let’s focus on the bravery of keeping up the work and trying to teach people important things in the face of (apparent) […]

There is no point in “self-help” if it doesn't lead us to believe in a more beautiful world
We are all turned into believers in the presence of love

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