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Shorter version of this post: Ignore everyone and just follow your heart.

The Fear of Being Single

Why yes, we are talking about being single. Yet again. It all begun when I run into this article by Sara Eckel. Apparently, the “fear of being single” makes us choose bad partners. Then I was reading Martha Beck’s “Steering by Starlight” and she got to this concept that “you attract people when you are […]

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Weekly Log #18: Tiny Miracle

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. There wasn’t much “brightness” this week. Ie: There weren’t that many “joyful / productive moments”. But I was here all the same. And I am here now. Because life. Let’s log. More struggling to write or do things. Also, why is it so hard to […]

Stuff. Stuff looks just like this. Only, it's internal.

I am single and I’m in pain

This is one of those rare posts where I show you “live” how I work with my stuff. It’s full of seriously cool and useful concepts. At least 5 things that are Important to Know. First the back story I was in a Facebook conversation on the topic of “Single”. When suddenly I felt *anger*. […]

Bananas. Better as dessert, than as an emotional state.

Our Default is Peace

It takes less energy to be “happy”. To be at peace. To be whole. We are hard wired for peace, you see. If you get quiet enough, you find peace. Our default is “happiness”, our default is “peace”, our default is “wholeness”. Of course, we get thrown out of alignment because we live in a […]

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Weekly Log #17: Too Much Struggle

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. This week is a perfect example of why I started the Weekly Log. If I look back at this week, my first instinct is to panic because “nothing got done”. I have a strong pattern of measuring my life in terms of “achieving things”, so […]