Healing depression and anxiety through mindfulness, yoga and self-compassion.

(Aka: self-help that keeps it real, for super smart and creative people.)


  • Salzburg. The Alps. Of course.


    I have a strong pattern around “envy”. It’s partly the background I grew up in. Back in Argentina, people will ...

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Weekly Log #37: Last Week of March

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. I’m feeling so uninspired that I cannot think of a proper name for this log. But I am here, so I am logging. Two pieces of bad news today. All the stuff triggered about how I just cannot get things to work out right, no […]

I Hated Humans. And What I Did Next.

“I’m going to be alone forever, ain’t I? I am going to be single and alone forever because I just hate other humans.” That’s quite literally what I said. While in a fit of rage, I should add. And then I paused. Let’s me backtrack… I had signed up for Charles Eisenstein’s course. That day, […]


Falling Apart on Purpose

After a couple of days of falling apart on and off, I decided it was time to do it properly. And fall apart on purpose. I tidied the room (read: floor), filled a cup with water and grabbed dirty shirt to collect my tears (I knew I was gonna cry). I turned off the lights, […]

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Weekly Log #36: Bitter, bitter, lemon eater

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. Argh. Life is hard, and I’ve been feeling bitter. Let’s log. Visited the Brecon Beacons. Got to touch snow, and spend a few moments in the hills. Love. Last deadline. Challenging, because it was a deadline and then it turned out to be the last […]

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Weekly Log #35: The Return of Deadlines

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. So many deadlines this week! Like, actual busy. Wowsers. Let’s log. Deadlines. Writing! My goodness, that was challenging. I still cannot believe it. I mean… deadlines! W00t! Very Carrie from “Sex and the City”. One day of Spring weather, then back to rainy, cold Winter. […]

There is no point in “self-help” if it doesn't lead us to believe in a more beautiful world
We are all turned into believers in the presence of love

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