(pronounced “Wee-der-shins”)

Using yoga, mindfulness and self-help techniques to:

  • Get unstuck and start moving, creating, healing the world

  • Work with your “stuff”, your patterns, your karma, drama, “issues”

  • Develop a conscious, loving relationship with yourself

Aka: self-help that keeps it real, for super smart and creative people who care about the world (a lot)

Start your Self-work Journey

Working with your Stuff

Could there be anything scarier than looking straight at the yuckiest parts of ourselves and our lives... and then doing things with them in the hope that they may change somehow and be less yucky?

If like me you have gone through some bouts of serious yuckiness in your life, then you know that healing from them is not an “optional thing”.

In order to be at peace with being the way you are, you have to work with your stuff.

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