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  • Holding beliefs for others

    Holding Beliefs for Others… and When Not To

    My realisation went like this: “I am not going to carry beliefs for them* any more. I am done. No ...

Weekly Log #62: Low On The Dream Front

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

This week has also been low on “magic”.
With tons of work thrown in.
Logging time!

  • Work and more work. I’m not complaining, for I need the abundance, but my-oh-my, this is a lot for a Highly Sensitive Person with Intensive Inner World Needs (just made that up). I am “bone marrow exhausted”, a phrase which here means: my inner landscape is barren, which is where I get all my “spirit juice” and my aliveness. A breath for things being what they are.
  • Feeling really stalled in the “inner world” “spiritual” progress; and in Dream Making or even Dream Holding. I am still doing yoga every morning, and meditating every evening, but it feels mechanical and “magic-less”. And I’ve had no “epiphanies” in a while. Another breath for things being what they are, and for me being where I am.
  • So much work at the day job. I am amazed at myself for working so many hours; nay last year I never thought I would be able to do it without losing all my marbles. A breath for progress.
  • Unexpected dinner with Tiny Friend. I am so grateful for friends I can just show up and “be” with. Also, went to Friend’s exhibition in a very hipster and cool coffee shop.
  • I now have plane tickets “home”. Yay for making one gigantic financial leap.
  • Watching Downton Abbey, the Last Series. The plot is not advancing much and I am getting impatient. Still, happy it’s here.
  • My writing is “under the surface”. Actually, what a beautiful metaphor. Sometimes my writing is “under the surface”, sometimes it’s “out there on land”. This week, it’s been “under the surface”. Then yesterday I came from work at stupid o’clock (i.e.: 10 past midnight) and wrote a bit, which is unthinkable.

Moments of Insight NOPE

No insight this week. That said, there was this…

Accidentally True Words

“Why do people love me? It makes me so uncomfortable!”.
I said this to Imo (my imaginary friend). Spur of the moment saying, that turned out to reveal truth because YES, love makes us all uncomfortable, and it’s one of those things where we want it and we are terrified of it when it arrives.
A breath for sitting with the discomfort and the vulnerability.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Another log logged, even though this week was low on all the things that make writing, and logging, easier. So, yay me for being here and logging.
*glows tiny love to everyone*

Weekly Log copy

Weekly Log #61: Where Has All The Magic Gone?

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. This week was very low on “magic”. And then I got a cold. Hence, the late logging. My digestion issues are better. I haven’t had to take a pill in almost a week, which is good. Yay for miraculous reprieves. Then I got a cold. […]

You were given this story

You Were Given This Story Because You Are Strong Enough To Hold It

There’s a truism that goes like this: “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle”. It sounds better in English than in Spanish, where we say “God strangles but doesn’t hang”. (I know, right? Hideous. Told you it was better in English.) As with most truisms, I’m left wondering whether it’s true or whether […]

There is no point in “self-help” if it doesn't lead us to believe in a more beautiful world
We are all turned into believers in the presence of love

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